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Whether you're buying a custom made bike, or traditional motorcycle, your first step should be locating that motorcycle loan and lender best for your buying needs and credit situation. While financing is available for most motorcycle types, the lender most appropriate for your situation can vary. Lenders referred by motorcycle dealerships tend to charge extremely high interest rates. Because of this, many borrowers turn to local banks or credit unions for their lending needs. Unfortunately, many of the traditional lenders providing financing for cars and other vehicle types, do not finance motorcycles.

At Life House Financial we understand the process of searching for financing can be stressful, especially if you have less than perfect credit. This is why as a leader in car, boat and motorcycle financing, we've taken it upon our self to simplify the entire search process by compiling the best good and bad credit motorcycle lenders all in one spot. We make it easy for you to compare your options side by side. Our proven system will ensure you end up with the best rate and terms possible. We’ve also designed our process to ensure you avoid the most common mistakes many borrowers make when searching for financing.

Before you go shopping for a motorcycle, we highly recommend you give us a call or submit your information using our safe and secure online form. There is no obligation to see what you qualify for, or pressure to proceed if you’re not completely satisfied. Our services are always free and without obligation. Get started today!

Online Loan Application

Comparing Good & Bad Credit Motorcycle Loan Lenders

Just like everything else these days, lending has move online. This means no matter what type of loan you need, there’s most likely a lender who will accept, approve and fund your loan request right online from the comfort of your home computer. In addition to these online lenders, you can also obtain financing from a local lender or one sponsored by a motorcycle dealership.

Online Lenders: Most lenders that will accept and approve your application over the web offer unsecured personal loans. These loan types are approved based on credit and your ability to pay back the loan. These lenders don’t take into account the value of the motorcycle you want to purchase.

Dealership Lenders: Most major dealerships can provide you internal financing, or a referral to a partner of their company who offers motorcycle financing. While these lenders may seem like a wise choice initially, you may find their interest rates are high. Many dealership sponsored lenders offer rates in the high-teens or twenties, regardless of your credit.

Traditional Banks and Credit Unions: Depending on the lenders near you, this may or may not be an option. While some local lenders will work with individuals interested in purchasing a motorcycle, some do not offer this type of lending. Traditional lenders will normally offer you a secured loan, and therefore will require an appraisal of the motorcycle before approval. The good news, is that secured loans are approved based on the value of the bike and are not based solely on credit. This means secured motorcycle loans are great for people with less than perfect credit.

Our Motorcycle Loan and Lender Matching Process

Utilizing Life House Financial's free service, you'll only have to submit one application, but will benefit from being able to compare multiple lenders. By comparing both local, dealership sponsored and online lender options, you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing you’re getting the best loan terms possible. When banks, credit unions and other loan providers are competing for you business, you’ll always end up with the great deal.

The Steps To Getting Your Motorcycle Loan Approved

    Motorcycle Loan Application
  • Step one: Tell us about your motorcycle financing needs by filling out our online request form.
  • Bike Financing Options
  • Second: Our system will target the best secured or unsecured loan programs for your situation.
  • Motorcycle Lender Options
  • Third: Our proven system will locate the banks, credit unions and other providers offering the best terms.
  • Online Loan Options
  • Fourth: Once the best options are identified, they will be provided to you online, will be delivered right to your e-mail inbox, or if desired, can be provided to you over the phone.
  • Good & Bad Credit Motorcycle Loans
  • Fifth: Your job is to compare your options, and choose the loan and lender you feel most comfortable pursuing.

Motorcycle Loans and Life House Financial

In addition to comparing your loan and lender options, our credit experts can help you understand the terms of each loan offered, and how it will affect your budget. If you are tired of searching the web, and are instead ready to get your loan request approved, give us a call or submit your information using our safe and secured form today. Our dedicated experts are standing by ready to assist you. We are passionate about helping people get the financing they need and deserve the first time around. Simply tell us some basic information about your motorcycle loan needs today, and we'll get to work immediately.

Our expertly trained loan and credit representatives are standing by, Monday through Saturday, ready to discuss all loan options you have to consider at no cost or obligation to you whatsoever. Give us a call today at 1-888-952-7280, or submit your information online through our safe and secure online form now!

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