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Whether you're buying a custom made bike, or traditional bike from a local dealership, your first step in buying a bike should be locating that motorcycle loan and lender that is best for your needs. While financing is available for most types of motorcycle purchases, some lenders that finance cars do not provide financing for motorcycles. Even worse, some of the lenders and dealerships that provide financing for motorcycles, can charge extremely high rates and offer other payment terms that are simply unaffordable. We are here to help you avoid these companies.

Buying a motorcycle and finding the best loan can be stressful, especially if you have bad credit. But it doesn't have to be. As a leader in car, boat and motorcycle financing, we've taken it upon ourself to make good and bad credit motorcycle loan financing easy and hassle free. We've compiled some of the best motorcycle lenders all in one spot, and have made it easy to pinpoint the best motorcycle loan type for your buying needs. While some financing products are specifically made for purchases likes custom motorcycles and ATV’s, others are for typical purchase like a car or truck.  If you don’t understand the difference, you can end up getting taken advantage of, or can get caught up in a loan program with higher rates and fees.

At Life House, we are here to help you avoid these common mistakes.  We'll help you compare your options side by side, and will help you locate the motorcycle financing that best fits your monthly budget. Before you go shopping for a bike, come see what you qualify for by contacting us today. There is no obligation or pressure when speaking with us, and our services are always free. Get started today!

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Finding The Right Bike Loan and Lender for Your Needs

So you've done the research and have finally found the bike you've been looking for, now you just need the financing. Whether you're planning on heading across the country, or simply doing a little weekend traveling, your next step will be locating the best motorcycle loan financing for your purchase. Sure many places that offer car financing also provide motorcycle loans, but there are other loan options you might want to consider depending on your situation. Below we've listed a few options you may want to consider.

Good and Bad Credit Online Motorcycle Lenders

Yes, believe it or not you can be approved right online and from the comfort of your home or office. Sure there are lenders available in your local area that may be able to approve you, but there's plenty of other that can be located online, which may offer you significantly better rates and terms. By comparing both local and online lender options, you'll have banks, credit unions and other loan providers all competing for you business. This added exposure to motorcycle lenders nationwide, will ensure you end up getting the best deal possible. As an added benefit, most online lending companies offer a fast and easy approval process which include an online applications and instant approval.

Motorcycle Loans for People with Bad Credit

Because most motorcycle loans are secured by the bike itself, lenders are willing to work with you even if your credit is less than perfect. Your interest rates may be slightly higher than someone with excellent credit, but you can still get approved. Bad credit motorcycle loans can be found both online and locally. If you are interested in this type of financing we highly recommend you to contact your local dealers, as well as us, then compare.

Local Motorcycle Loan Lenders

Apply for financing through a local dealer can seem like the best thing to do, and in some cases it is. Often times you'll be presented with an offer right on the spot. Some motorcycle brands and dealers also have their own internal financing that can't be found anywhere else. The downside is that these dealer programs often times come with higher rates and lesser than ideal terms. When you work with a company like Life House Financial, we'll help you compare multiple companies at the same time. This competition amongst lenders, will ensure that you receive the best rates and terms. When you use Life House Financial's free matching service, you'll have the opportunity to look over several offers and compare your local dealer and online lender options side by side. This comparison will allow you the power to choose the most attractive offer for your specific situation and budget.

Motorcycle Refinancing Loans

If you've had your bike for a few years, then you might be considering refinancing it. By refinancing your bike and extending out your loan terms, you will be able to lower your monthly payment. If you bought a bike when your credit rating was less than ideal, you might want to refinance your bike once your credit scores have improved. Refinancing a loan at a better rate, due to your credit score being higher, can save you lots in interest.

Secured & Unsecured Loans

Most motorcycle financing comes in the form of a secured loan. This means the loan is tied to the value of the bike you wish to purchase. This also means you cannot borrow more than the bike is worth, and in most cases may need to put money down in order to qualify. There is another option called an unsecured loan, that does not require collateral for approval. This type of loan is ideal for older bikes and custom motorcycles that may be hard to appraise. If you are interested in this type of financing, Life House Financial has a huge network of personal loan lenders for you to consider.

The Best Motorcycle Loan Using Life House Financial

When you utilize Life House Financial's free service, you'll only have to submit one application, but will benefit from being able to compare multiple lenders. The process is hassle free and will save you time from having to shop from place to place on your own. If you are tired of searching and are instead ready to get approved for the best motorcycle loan possible, our dedicated team of seasoned professionals are standing by ready to assist you. We are passionate about helping people get the financing they need and deserve. Get started now by submitting some brief information about your motorcycle loan needs using the big orange button below, and we'll get to work immediately.

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